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Music JuiceBox Series

The Music JuiceBox Series

This series is a made-for-kids presentation which introduces young ears to classical music through Interactive Performances (IPs). IPs encourage creative participation and engagement through methodical, experiential activities (such as incorporation of kinesthetic movement, call and response, calling upon prior knowledge, etc.) which allows them to better connect to a work of art. Ultimately, the exposure of the arts to a young demographic can encourage abstract thinking, complex problem-solving, and the deepening of emotional comprehension.

The presenters for The Music JuiceBox Series are skilled Teaching Artists who are superb musicians and are trained in high-engagement learning. For its first year, NWP plans to engage Teaching Artists from Lincoln Center and/or Carnegie Hall for two one-week tours (one per semester), presenting assemblies for two schools a day over a period of five days.

Further Outreach for Healthcare Facilities

The Teaching Artists engaged for The Music JuiceBox Series will also be arranged to visit healthcare facilities during the same week of touring, providing Interactive Performances for healthcare patients and their families. Improvised performance spaces include patient rooms, hallways, and lobbies.