Making classical music fun, engaging, and accessible through interactive performances.

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"This assembly combines numerous modalities of performance for students to enjoy. The artists themselves are highly-skilled and well-versed in presenting material that is of a high-quality as well as professionally paced. I strongly encourage all schools to participate in this opportunity. You and your students will not regret it."
- Adam Hallam
Music Specialist, Doris French ES

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“I want to thank you for allowing your performers to visit the students at Tanaka Elementary. The overall presentation was simply brilliant and quite frankly one of the best I have ever seen.”
- Tony Davis
Principal, Wayne Tanaka ES

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"The Music JuiceBox Series is an amazing opportunity for students to experience music in a fun learning environment. Students are exposed to music through interactive activities. Your students will love hearing the music of various instruments played by extremely talented musicians. Our school greatly enjoyed the experience and would love to have a visit again next year!"
- Julie Darwick
5th grade teacher, Charlotte Hill ES


Thank you for your interest. All sign-ups have been closed for MJBS 2019 and the form is now closed.


Things to Know:

Where can I find the Letter of Agreement?

You can find it here in this School Packet -- please return a fully executed copy to Dr. Alexandria Le, Executive Artistic Director, at alex@noteswithapurpose.org.

Will you need the stage?

The musicians will be setting up their performance area in front of your stage steps to be on the same level with your audience.

What is the performance length?

We recommend 45 minutes of uninterrupted time with the students from being seated to dismissal, with an extra couple of minutes for a Q&A for students. We have flexibility of approximately 5-10 minutes for the performance length.

Could we combine fourth and fifth grade classes?

As educators, you will agree that it is more effective for us to cater to one grade level at a time. That being said, if your combined fourth and fifth grade class is fewer than 150 students, we may consider this exception.

What if we only have room for one assembly?

Please submit the form regardless, and we will try to accommodate the visit. For the one assembly, we would recommend leaving time for students to have an uninterrupted 45-50 minute assembly.

What do you need from our end?

  • Students are preferred to be seated on the ground, not tables.

  • Students should be prepared by their teacher(s) about what it means to be a successful and attentive audience.

  • Each assembly should have no more than 150 students.

  • Students will be in the 4th and 5th grade level (one grade per assembly is recommended).

    Presentation requirements:

  • PA System

  • 3 microphones (microphone stands preferred but not necessary)

  • 3 chairs

  • 1 stool

  • 1 music stand

  • 1 whiteboard or easel with erasable markers

Which instrumentation will be presented in Spring of 2019?

We are proud to present flutist Catherine Gregory, percussionist Brandon Ilaw, and double bassist Kris Saebo. With a partnership with the Las Vegas Science & Technology Festival, the presentation will also combine science elements.

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About Notes with a Purpose

Notes with a Purpose’s mission is to bring high-quality musical experiences in creative and unique ways to unprivileged and at-risk youth, parents, and underserved populations, with an emphasis on making classical music accessible in untraditional venues. In the two years since June 2016, NWP’s two outreach programs (Music JuiceBox Series and Mission: Music Live) reached over 24,000 people and was a recipient of the Father Eugène Merlet Community Service Award. This third season will add another outreach program, the Lullaby Project, which pairs pregnant mothers in challenging circumstances with musicians to co-create and record personal lullabies.

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