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Outreach Programs

We bring creative and engaging workshops and interactive performances - led by top-notch teaching artists - to schools and community programs.

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Fostering the Next Generation

We inspire and foster young music students to utilize their music skills in innovative ways for the benefit of at-risk populations, which in turn encourages altruism at an early age.

Music and Wine Concerts

To raise funds for our outreach, we curate unique and fun concert experiences that pair superb wine to classical music programs, performed by world-class musicians. These concerts take place outside a traditional concert hall for an up-close and intimate experience.

It has been a joy to watch the impact Alex and students have had on these evenings [for Mission: Music Live]. Word spread fast amongst the homeless community and many have come to look forward to the treat that is NWP and Wednesday night’s meal at the LVRM. The music seemed to bypass the head and go straight to the heart, and for a short while, some of the brokenness of those around you seemed to fade away as the music brought light into their day.
— Nicki Antill, COO, LV Rescue Mission

Photo Banner: Performance at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Las Vegas' downtown homeless shelter (photo: Liliana Trejo Vanegas)