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Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf

A Story-Themed, Musical Evening curated by Notes with a Purpose


Deadline for submission: April 24, 2019
Please send all art work to in .PDF or .JPG format.

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$1,000 / Half page: $550 / Quarter page: $225
Back cover: Full page: $1,200 / Half page: $700

Please include Bleed area.

Please include Bleed area.

Listing yourself in the program journals of Notes with a Purpose is an investment in excellence, education, and community, and engaging with Notes with a Purpose’s audience is good business.  Notes with a Purpose’s events fundraise for outreach programs which benefit under-served communities. In the first two seasons, Notes with a Purpose reached over 20,000 individuals, including over 8,000 schoolchildren from Title I elementary schools.

Our audiences could use your business. Notes with a Purpose’s music and wine event audiences are 97% more likely than the average Las Vegas adult to be influential as leaders in their communities, 93% more likely than the average adult to have a household income of over $250,000, and 68% more likely to hold a Bachelor’s Degree (versus Las Vegas average of 11%). These events also consistently draw in 50-52% of new listeners/attendees to classical music events who have indicated they are also interested in attending more cultural experiences.

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