Music JuiceBox Series School Feedback

Notes with a Purpose is thrilled to have included your elementary school in the Music JuiceBox Series tour last week. Our two artists, Catherine (flutist) and Yves (cellist), reported that they had a wonderful time visiting and meeting the students.

Following their visit, we would like to ask you to take a few minutes for your feedback and comments. Your statements help us tremendously in supporting our future grants, donor materials, and website which can then help us sustain and strengthen this type of high-quality music programming for Southern Nevada.

Thank you again,
Alexandria Le
Executive Artistic Director


How do you think the students found the level of difficulty for the musical content discussed (i.e. terms, ideas, concepts)? *

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About Notes with a Purpose

Notes with a Purpose’s mission is to bring high-quality musical experiences in creative and unique ways to unprivileged and at-risk youth, parents, and underserved populations, with an emphasis on making classical music accessible in untraditional venues. In the twelve months since June 2016, NWP’s two outreach programs (The Music JuiceBox Series and Wednesdays Live at the Mission) reached over 18,000 people and was a recipient of the Father Eugène Merlet Community Service Award.